Transportation of the patients within Ukraine

At the 21st century reliability and comfort are not privileged or extraordinary benefits, but a generally accepted norm. Everything that surrounds us adapts for more convenient and safe use. Subjects, buildings, tools, vehicles, machinery, services ... are improved and improved.

Often, before the diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation, there is a problem of the transport of seriously ill patients within Ukraine. If not, seriously ill patient can be delivered to the hospital by taxi. In complex cases you can not transport seriously ill patients within Ukraine without a specialized vehicle with medical personnel. If you need to transport bedridden patients to the required medical institution in Ukraine, the private medical service “Hospital express” will help you quickly, safely and qualitatively. Thanks to the modern equipment of our ambulances it is possible operative resuscitation of victims and transportation of seriously ill patients for long distances across Ukraine. If a patient had an accident which caused damage to tissues and bones, our medical staff at the perfect level will carry out primary surgical treatment of wounds, their sewing, repositioning and mobilization of bone parts during fast, safe and comfortable transportation of the bedridden patient within Ukraine. Transportation is complicated with heart disease, need for cardiac pacing, cardiogenic shock, the need for a defibrillation, the need for an electrocardiogram. However, it is possible to carry out these procedures and to monitor the main vital indicators and simultaneously transport seriously ill patient within the country. In the case of problems associated with the respiratory system (during the transportation of seriously ill patients within Ukraine), if necessary, physicians can use in a reanimobile the device of artificial respiration, can carry out tracheotomy or do intubation of the trachea. In cases of damage of the musculoskeletal system, bones or joints, our team will injure the patient by the tires, collars or vests for the purpose of immobilization, will perform anesthesia and will transport a patient in any corner of Ukraine. They will help with a range of health problems; support the body with medications or reanimation equipment on the way to the hospital! The experienced team at ambulance can transport seriously ill patients for long distances across Ukraine. If you need to transport a patient to make a diagnosis, consultation or a short-term procedure, reanimobile with the staff can provide transportation in the opposite direction. Sometimes, after intensive treatment at the hospital - patients are not allowed to take a horizontal position for a certain period. The best way to transport the patient within Ukraine (for rehabilitation or home) is by specialist transport with medical support.

We cooperate with Ukrainian and foreign insurance companies. If you have life insurance, the contract (during an accident, an attack or deterioration in health due to some other circumstances) provides for certain compensation... Try to ensure that transportation of the patient to a medical care institution is also provided in the contract. Then the insurance company will pay for the transportation of seriously ill and bedridden patients within Ukraine.

"Hospital express" on modern safe reanimobiles with high-quality equipment, qualified team and necessary medicine on a high professional level provides transportation of the seriously ill and bedridden patients all over Ukraine.

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