Medical support of corporate and sporting events

Every day of our life is precious and unique! But there are extraordinary, special and very important moments that require not just careful preparation, but also taking into accounts all possible details and prediction of all possible force majeure circumstances. The organization of anniversaries, celebrations and holidays can not do without a variety of activities. And they should be, first and foremost - safe for the life and health of the participants and spectators!

During rich in food and drink events, which are intended to satisfy even the most delicious gourmet, can happen not favorable "coincidence of circumstances". There may appear a need to improve digestion, to remove food and alcoholic intoxication or to bring someone to the hospital very quickly. Medical support of corporate events will perfectly cope with each of these tasks.

Medical company "Hospital express" is a team of experienced professionals who will provide you with the guarantee of the most secure celebrations of various levels, at any time and in any place in Lviv. Our reanimobiles are ambulances equipped with all the necessary equipment for emergency help, quality and safe transportation of patients at different distances.

Medical support of celebrations it is not only a requirement of time, but also an essential element of safety and if a necessary element of guarantee of the fast medical care. Often social events (concerts, festivals, carnivals, markets, exhibitions, conferences, contests, competitions, etc.) are accompanied by flammable fireworks and light shows. However, in addition to the enthusiasm, such sights can "decorate" the participants with burns and injuries. Specialists of medical support of social events and corporate celebrating will provide medical care as soon as possible, and if necessary will monitor all vital indicators of the victim and carry out operative transport to the hospital.

Medical support of corporate events (celebration for all staff of the company), birthdays, New Year’s Eve, anniversaries and other parties, will set you free from the worries about the probable danger of different nature regarding the life and health of colleagues (whether the blood pressure had risen in the happy hero of the day, whether too high heels injured a foot ...).

Sometimes happens that medical support provides anonymity and on time high-quality medical care for the staff or guests at the banquet or wedding who express their feelings with the “language of fists” and have been badly damaged by one another.

Medical support of corporate events provides immediate medical care of light complexity and transportation at the required distance (even abroad) using oxygen masks, imposition of tires for immobilization of patients ... and other measures for the improvement, stabilization and monitoring of vital parameters of the victims.

Medical support of mass events or corporate celebrations includes interchanges of the mobile team specialists with modern reanimobile for the entire duration of the event. Specialists of “Hospital express” are experienced, attentive doctors who have all the necessary medicines and facilities to provide fast and effective medical care to the victims who have already been injured in the place of their meetings or celebrations.

According to the Regulation on medical support of mass sporting events “The organizers of the competition submit the relevant application to the institutions that will provide the medical support of this competition no later than 3 days before it starts”. The application requires mentioning not only needed medical support of the competition, but also in transportation of victims. Otherwise, the competition will be canceled. In this case, "Hospital express" will provide you with necessary medical support, service, assistance and transportation of the victims.

The main task of medical care of mass and sporting events is to create conditions of maximum security of participants and spectators of the event, providing timely and quality medical care. During the shift at the event all medical team is in constant contact with the participants and is ready to provide the necessary assistance in the first minutes (injuries, strokes, burns, etc.), carry out reanimation measures on-site and transport the victim to a relevant hospital.

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