Transportation of the seriously ill patients to (from) EU countries

In our present day, we have unique opportunities for borrowing practical inventions, useful things or the latest technologies, whose homeland is far from Ukraine (or not) in Europe. As the great writer wrote: "…learn foreign, and do not forget yours…”.

Whether it happened historically or abroad, under the influence of different mentalities, the health care industry is at a high level, and is constantly growing and rapidly develops. Therefore, for objective reasons, the question about transportation of bedridden patients to the European countries is asked quite often. The best transportation for the bedridden patients to (from) the EU countries is on a special reanimobile with medical support for it, equipped in such way so that during the long ride provide all the necessary medical services to improve the patient's condition. And in case of deterioration - reanimate the patient, stabilize his condition, and constantly monitor the basic vital indicators. Usually, transportation of the bedridden patients to (from) the EU countries belongs to the planned transportation. We are talking about transportation of the bedridden patients to the certain medical institution in Europe for diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation or consultation of the specialist or in the opposite direction. This transportation carries not in a hurry, when the patient's condition is satisfactorily stable. But, there are cases of emergency call for the urgent transportation of the seriously ill patients to the EU countries for immediate surgical or other intervention by Western specialists. During these emergency transportations of the seriously ill patients in the EU country group of physicians very quickly provides first emergency treatment (stop bleeding, give anesthetics, carry out the artificial ventilation of the lungs, restore work of the heart by the defibrillator, carry out tracheotomy and other procedures). And then it comes to the transportations of the seriously ill patients to the EU countries, specialist who accompanies patients will help to choose a medical care institution with required specialization, or will organize an urgent appointment with the doctor.

An accident can happen with every person. Many of our relatives live in Europe, and unfortunately, they also can have some health troubles. First urgent help will be provided for them there. Maybe they will be treated there. However, to return to the homeland after trauma or serious illness, they need to carry special medical vehicle (reanimobile), which was designed for safe, quick and qualify transportation of the seriously ill patients from an EU country to Ukraine.

A medical team of “Hospital express”, are highly qualified specialists with years of experience in escort of the seriously ill patients from (to) EU countries, guarantees the availability of all the necessary professional, medical and technical means for high quality, fast and safe transportation of seriously ill and bedridden patients to Europe and back. We work with Ukrainian and foreign insurance companies.

It would be better for our people having a comfortable rest in Europe, having good health and no trouble! :) But if you already have a question how to transport bedridden patients from (to) EU country, then medical team of “Hospital express” will do it for you efficiently, inexpensively, quickly, professionally and safely!

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