Transportation from neighbouring countries

The correct diagnosis is the key to effective treatment! And the right treatment is the key to quick recovery! And every person will do anything to provide the most experienced doctors, the most accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment for its relatives and friends. Unfortunately, our state medicine can not always provide the listed services in aggregate. That is why, it is often necessary to transport seriously ill patients to the neighboring countries. Sometimes, in order to diagnose a "complicated illness", it is necessary to conclude several doctors’ opinions. And narrow profile doctors are not always easy to find in one medical institution in Ukraine. In this case it is possible to transport the seriously ill patient to the CIS countries. You can confirm diagnosis, there (or object) and, if necessary, to treat a patient here. Of course, after the treatment, the patient will not return home by train or tram:) ... For this purpose, there is a special reanimobile, which carries out the transportation of seriously ill patients with medical support to the CIS countries, and back. Private medical service “Hospital express” will be helpful in the transportation of the seriously ill patients to the neighboring countries or in the opposite direction, observing patient condition and providing the necessary medical care. An equipment of the vehicle was designed to provide emergency care for the patients with variety diseases. Technical support allows to monitor basic vital indicators and to respond quickly to any changes in the patient's condition with the use of medicines. Our friendly team with mane years of experience in transporting of the bedridden patients within Ukraine, in neighboring countries and far abroad is ready to help everyone who faces the problem of transporting bedridden patients to CIS countries. For the specialists of “Hospital express” transportation of the bedridden patients to CIS countries is not a problem, but an issue that can be resolved. If the patient is treated in Ukraine and he/she needs only a diagnosis abroad, providing transportation of the bedridden patient, our team will get him/her to the CIS country and will wait to carry the patient back home.

In our medical practice of transportation of the bedridden patients to the neighboring counties there were cases than we provided transportation of the seriously ill patient to one of the CIS countries for the treatment, and were cases then injured at work person from the neighbor country was transported back home. It is very pity that our citizens are forced to seek for better financial support abroad. But that is worst then there are accidents with them or sharp deterioration of health. We will help you to transport seriously ill patient you care from abroad in Ukraine. And, if there is a need - we will provide resuscitation assistance. If necessary, we will use the device for artificial respiration, defibrillator or pacemaker, carry out intubation of the trachea, apply a tire ... and we will do our best to maximally improve the condition of the bedridden patient and to make transporting the most comfortable during the journey from abroad or into CIS countries. We have everything for this: experience in the field of medical support and transportation of bedridden patients to the neighboring countries, highly skilled specialists, excellent equipment of modern reanimobiles, a wide range of medicines and a great desire to work!

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