Private medical service "Hospital express" – transportation services for bedridden patients to the medical treatment institutions

Every person seeks dissent and proper attitude. Especially if this concerns health protection or preservation. In cases of accidents resulting in serious injuries, aggravation or progression of the disease, then, in the first place question about transportation of patients confined indoors by illness to the places where diagnostic, treatment, consultation, rehabilitation can be provided arises.

When it comes to the transportation of bedridden patients, it is understood that neither private nor, moreover, public transport does not fit for this task. It is practically impossible to "reserve" special purpose vehicles known as an ambulance for the transportation of that type of patients, since the number of state "ambulances" is not enough to fully serve the population. Moreover, public funding is not always timely and sufficient. State ambulances do not always have appropriate equipment and sometimes it is trivial lack of fuel. And this can happen at the most critical moment! The biggest treasure we have is our health! So then it comes to the life or health danger that is likely to arise during the transportation, everything must be done to carry out transportation at the highest level, especially for the bedridden patients. In the matter of life - there are no trifles!

Private medical service "Hospital express" in Lviv predicted and took into account all the criteria for safe and comfortable transportation of patients confined indoors by illness and they are: highly qualified medical staff with practical experience, able and willing to work conscientiously (reanimatologists, therapists, paramedics, who have proven themselves as medical escort and care for the transported patients), medical equipment and drugs necessary for escort and providing high quality services (medicines are constantly reviewed and completed, taking into account all individual needs, condition, severity and criteria of each patient), new reliable vehicles of foreign manufacturer equipped with latest facilities and expensive equipment for diagnostic and escort of patients with different severity, including those who need artificial respiration, cardiac pacing, tracheotomy, defibrillation, frequent cardiograms, blood sugar diagnosis, pressure and other urgent medical diagnostics and emergency procedures, professional drivers provide the safest and fastest transportation of patients.

Private medical service is a modern reanimobile where all the details are well-thought-out; after all, they have great importance in medicine. Mercedes-Benz cars are spacious and convenient. They are comfortable for patients confined indoors by illness being transported, the medical team providing assistance and relatives and friends of the patients.

Private medical service in Lviv provides high quality carriage of the patient confined indoors by illness or patient that needs a medical escort not only within city boundaries or Lviv  region, but throughout Ukraine and abroad. The team of private medical service "Hospital express" has experience in transportation of the patients from Ukraine to the medical facilities in Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Russia, Hungary and back where diagnostic, treatment, consultation, rehabilitation can be provided.

Our reanimobile with the team has practiced in transportation not only individuals, but also corporate clients. "Hospital express" works with Ukrainian and foreign ensures companies. Therefore, if necessary, we will be glad to provide patients and their representatives with comprehensive information and compensation stipulated by the insurance.

So, if you need to transport patient to Lviv or in any cornet of Europe, please call us: +38 073-043-00-03.

Or fill the form on the web site.

For a better understanding of the patient situation, please provide following information to the dispatcher making the order: diagnosis, general condition, age, weight, date and time of transportation, patient's address and destination address, availability of the elevator in the building.


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