Preparing for transportation of the patient

In order to make patient transportation the most comfortable in the ambulance it is necessary to prepare the patient in advance:

  • it is important to stabilize the condition of the patient by giving medicines prescribed by a doctor (sedative, anesthetizing, antipyretic drugs and so on),

  • do not give food to the patient before transportation. In the case of seriously ill patient or an elderly person who is unable to control natural processes, it is desirable to empty the intestine and bladder, or put on a diaper,

  • it is necessary to prepare the patient's documents, his personal belongings, and hygiene products.

For a sick person transportation can be stressful and looks like a real test, especially if it takes place after surgery of painful procedures. Our privet ambulance carries out transportation of the patients for a long time and for this we have specialized ambulances (reanimobiles) equipped with special equipment and mandatory set of medicines to provide necessary medical care. The doctor necessarily accompanies each patient. Transportation of the patients is possible when it is important to transfer him/her to the procedure or diagnostics, to deliver patient to the home, to transfer the patient within the city and the region, beyond the boundaries of the region and abroad.

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