Transportation of the patients for the treatment or diagnostics in Lviv and city outskirts.

There is an improvement of the transportation level of seriously ill patients caused by raising medicine to a qualitatively higher level. In Lviv, we have the opportunity to watch a large number of cars for transportation of the patient (in Lviv and beyond).

From one side – the heart is glad, because in times of crisis, then it is extremely necessary to provide (with a special reanimobile) fast and controlled (by medical staff) transportation of seriously ill patients lying around Lviv – it’s quite real. There are a lot of possibilities to call reserve in advance a private “ambulance” (for the transportation of the bedridden patient in Lviv). Private medical service “Hospital express” is one of the best service companies in the field. It will arrive quickly in perfect equipped ambulance with an emergency brigade, ready to provide necessary medical care and in the shortest term transport bedridden patient of varying severity around Lviv. It is also nice to watch how Lviv habitats show care and concern to their relatives and friends for trying to provide high-quality transportation for them in times of illness.

From the other side – it is sad, because there are obstacles that are dependent neither on the staff nor on the reanimobiles that transport seriously ill patients in the city. We all know about oversaturation of cars in the cities, which often cause traffic congestion, especially during peak hours. All this prevents the team of specialists to arrive quickly to the bedridden patients and transport them around the city. Also, poor quality road cover, or, in other words, bad roads “reflects” not in the best way on the speed and quality of transportation of the seriously ill patients. To ensure the quality, safety and speed of transportation of seriously ill or lying patients in Lviv, requires perfectly organized work of all the units involved in this process. Starting from the dispatch manager, who receives a call, fills in a standard form with the necessary information (The patient's condition, diagnosis, its physical properties, the place from where pick up and transfer the bedridden patient around Lviv, and more ...). Reanimobile should be equipped with modern systems of resuscitation, stabilization of the victim’s condition and monitoring devices of the basic vital indicators. Medical staff must have an experience of resuscitation and transportation of seriously ill at different distances, and has to escort and provide necessary medical treatment during transportation and to maintain with the help of the equipment basic vital functions (during its transportation). The seriously ill patient should be immobilized, and convenience should be provided for the patient and accompanying persons during transportation around the Lviv. Do not underestimate the work of the driver who, based on a specified route, is transporting injured, seriously ill or bedridden patients quickly and safely. We systematically check health status of the entire team, serviceability of the car and medical equipment, quality and composition of the complete set of necessary medicines. We encouraged in our staff desire to work, humane life and professional position - "To provide safe, high-quality, fast transportation and support of seriously ill patients to their place of destination".

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